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H. Regulatory Notifications

1. Notwithstanding all other notification requirements set out herein, VASPs must immediately notify VARA when they become aware of a material breach of the terms of a Material Outsourcing agreement they have with any Service Provider, or other material development in respect of a Material Outsourcing arrangement that has, or is likely to have, a significant impact on the operations, financial condition or reputation of the VASP.
2. VASPs are required to notify VARA immediately of any issues that may have arisen that would materially affect their compliance with their legal and regulatory obligations.
3. When a VASP intends to enter into any new Material Outsourcing arrangement or materially vary an existing Material Outsourcing arrangement, the VASP should notify VARA in advance providing relevant details of any such arrangement or amendment. In their notifications, VASPs should seek to satisfy VARA that all requirements of this Part IV of this Company Rulebook have been taken into account and properly addressed in its Material Outsourcing arrangements.
4. VARA may object to any Material Outsourcing and/or raise areas of concern, which the VASP must remedy to VARA’s satisfaction prior to entering into any new Material Outsourcing arrangement or materially varying an existing Material Outsourcing arrangement.