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G. Audit Rights

1. Audit rights – all Outsourcing arrangements. VASPs should ensure within the written Outsourcing arrangement that it is able to review the Outsourced Function. The written Outsourcing arrangements should refer to the information gathering and investigatory powers of competent authorities under applicable laws, and VASPs should also preserve those rights with regard to Service Providers located in third countries.
2. Audit rights – Material Outsourcing. VASPs should ensure within the written Outsourcing agreement in relation to a Material Outsourcing that they and their competent authorities [including VARA], and any other Entity appointed by them or the competent authorities, are granted, the following—
    i. full access to all relevant business premises [e.g. head offices and operation centres], including the full range of relevant devices, systems, networks, information and data used for providing the service, including related financial information, personnel and the Service Provider’s external auditors; and
    ii. unrestricted rights of inspection and auditing related to the Outsourcing arrangement, to enable them to monitor the Outsourcing arrangement and to ensure compliance with all applicable regulatory and contractual requirements.
3. Pooled audits.
  a. Without prejudice to their ultimate responsibility regarding Outsourcing arrangements, VASPs may use—
    i. pooled audits organised jointly with other clients of the same Service Provider and performed by them and these clients or by a third party appointed by them, to use audit resources more efficiently; and
    ii. third party certifications and third party or internal audit reports, made available by the Service Provider, if they ensure that the scope of the certification or audit report covers the systems, key controls and the compliance with relevant regulatory requirements and assess the content of the certifications or audit reports on an ongoing basis and verify that the reports or certifications are valid, adequate and current.
  b. VASPs should assess whether third-party certifications and reports as referred to in Rule IV.G.3 of this Company Rulebook are adequate and sufficient to comply with their regulatory obligations and should not rely solely on these reports over time. VASPs should also retain the contractual right to perform individual audits at their discretion with regard to the Material Outsourcing.