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H. Record Keeping

1. VASPs shall retain the following types of records relating to AML/CFT in accordance with the Federal AML-CFT Laws—
  a. Virtual Asset transaction records, including operational and statistical records, documents and information [whether or not recorded on public distributed ledgers] concerning all transactions executed or processed by the VASP;
  b. CDD records, including records, documents, and information about clients [e.g. account files and business correspondence], and results from the investigation and analysis of clients’ activities;
  c. information relating to third parties engaged by the VASP to undertake CDD;
  d. records relating to ongoing monitoring of business relationships with clients; and
  e. Suspicious Transaction reports made in accordance with Rule III.F of this Compliance and Risk Management Rulebook.
2. VASPs shall retain all records required in Rule III.H.1 for a period of no less than eight [8] years.