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B. Risk Disclosure Statements

1. Initial Risk Disclosure Statement. Issuers must publish a statement that includes a detailed description of all material risks related to the Virtual Assets being issued as applicable in a machine-readable format [Risk Disclosure Statement]. Risk Disclosure Statements shall be made available in the same easily accessible location as, but remain separate from, the Whitepaper.
2. Risk Disclosure Statement updates. Issuers must ensure the Risk Disclosure Statement is accurate and complete at all times including, but not limited to, making any necessary updates to the Risk Disclosure Statement, or publishing an updated Risk Disclosure Statement. Issuers must take all reasonable efforts to ensure holders of such Virtual Assets are notified of any updates.
3. In the event of an update to the Risk Disclosure Statement, Issuers must clearly state the date on which the Risk Disclosure Statement has been updated and ensure all previous versions remain easily accessible in the same format and location in which they were initially published.