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B. Qualification

1. In assessing whether an individual is a Fit and Proper Person and qualified for the role for which the individual is being considered, the following factors shall be considered—
  a. whether the individual possesses a degree in the field relevant to the role. For the avoidance of doubt, this does not prevent someone who does not possess a degree in the relevant field to be employed for the role if such individual has relevant professional or industry qualification[s] and/or experience; and
  b. whether the individual has industry qualifications directly relevant to the activities to be performed by such individual in the role and it is demonstrable that such individual generally understands—
    i. the structure of the regulatory framework that applies to the job activities;
    ii. the particular Regulations, Rules, Directives and Guidance that apply to the functions that the individual would perform;
    iii. the fiduciary obligations owed to clients by the individual or the VASP;
    iv. the VA Activities which the individual helps the VASP to undertake; and
    v. the market in which the individual’s services are provided.