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D. Other Disclosures

1. Lending and Borrowing Services explanation. VASPs shall publish a prominent explanation of—
  a. their Lending and Borrowing Services;
  b. specification of which Lending and Borrowing Services are available to which client types; and
  c. any licensing and regulatory restrictions on Lending and Borrowing Services available to different client types.
2. Lending and borrowing asset and liability report. VASPs shall publish and update at least every three [3] months a lending and borrowing asset and liability report, including but not limited to values of Virtual Assets held, lent or borrowed, pledged or posted as collateral, and how they are held.
3. Governance controls. VASPs providing Lending and Borrowing Services shall publish a clear and transparent explanation of all governance arrangements in respect of—
  a. protocol governance structures to the extent relevant and applicable to the provision of Lending and Borrowing Services and the loaning and pledging of Virtual Assets to and by clients, as applicable, including client risks in respect of the same; and
  b. whether or not the VASP uses any proprietary protocols in the course of the provision of the Lending and Borrowing Services.
4. Third parties. To the extent that a VASP’s Lending and Borrowing Services are made available through, or information communicated via, a third party, the VASP shall also procure that all disclosures and information required by this Part I of this Lending and Borrowing Services Rulebook is provided in an easily accessible location on the website of that third party, in plain and transparent language, in a machine-readable format and is kept accurate and up-to-date at all times.