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C. Activity-Specific Disclosures

1. Interest payments to clients. VASPs providing Lending and Borrowing Services shall, at a minimum, clearly disclose the following in relation to Virtual Assets they borrow from clients—
  a. the denomination of interest payments [e.g. the type of Virtual Assets] and whether the client has an option to select such denomination and modify the selection at any time;
  b. the amount and nature [e.g. whether it is a fixed rate or a variable rate] of interest offered to clients in the form of annual percentage yield denominated in the type of borrowed Virtual Asset;
  c. whether the amount of interest disclosed in Rule I.C.1 of this Lending and Borrowing Services Rulebook is an estimation and if so, provide a description of how such estimation is made by the VASP;
  d. the frequency at which interest accrues and is credited to client accounts; and
  e. whether interest is accrued on a simple or compound basis and, if the VASP adopts a tiered approach which offers compound interest for a maximum value of Virtual Assets, the details of such tiered approach.