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D. Information and Trainings

1. VASPs shall implement and provide an anti-bribery and corruption training programme for the Board and all Staff on a regular basis and monitor their compliance with all established procedures. All members of the Board and Staff must participate in all such trainings provided by the VASP.
2. VASPs shall ensure that all members of the Board and Staff to have full access at all times to the most up-to-date anti-bribery and corruption policy and will be informed of any changes to such policy.
3. Training on the anti-bribery and corruption policy should form part of the induction programme made available to all new Board members and Staff.
4. In addition to relevant requirements in the Market Conduct Rulebook, a zero-tolerance approach to bribery and corruption and all relevant policies must be disclosed by all VASPs to the public and communicated at the outset of all business relationships as appropriate.