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A. Policies and Procedures

1. In addition to all other requirements in the Regulations and Rulebooks, VASPs providing Broker-Dealer Services shall establish, implement and enforce appropriate written internal policies and procedures relating to the following—
  a. the prohibition, detection, prevention and/or deterrence of Market Offences and any other abusive practices within their business or using their services including, but not limited to, relevant internal rules, compliance programmes, sanctioning policies and powers;
  b. Execution and routing of client orders;
  c. the ability of clients to have access to and withdraw their Virtual Assets including, but not limited to, during periods of high uncertainty and/or extreme volatility; and
  d. such other policies and procedures as VARA may require from time to time.
2. VASPs providing Broker-Dealer Services shall assess and, in any case, at least yearly review the effectiveness of their policies and procedures and take appropriate measures to address any deficiencies.|