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A. Policies and Procedures

1. In addition to all other requirements in the Regulations and Rulebooks, VASPs providing Exchange Services shall establish, implement and enforce appropriate written internal policies and procedures relating to the following—
  a. the prohibition, detection, prevention and/or deterrence of Market Offences and any other abusive practices within their business or using their services, including but not limited to relevant internal rules, compliance programmes, sanctioning policies and powers;
  b. the ability of clients to have access to and withdraw their Virtual Assets including, but not limited to, during periods of high uncertainty and/or extreme volatility;
  c. settlement, delivery and clearing;
  d. establishing and amending the method of determining the price of Virtual Assets, including the use of market data to ensure the integrity and reliability of the determined price; and
  e. such other policies and procedures as VARA may require from time to time.
2. VASPs providing Exchange Services shall assess and, in any case, at least yearly review the effectiveness of their policies and procedures and take appropriate measures to address any deficiencies.