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A. Market Offences and VARA’s Power to Stipulate Market Offences and Accepted Practices

1. For the purposes of these Regulations, Market Offences are any of the offences listed in Regulation VIII.A.2, with the exception of any Accepted Practice, when conducted in the Emirate or having an effect on the price of a Virtual Asset traded in the Emirate, whether conducted by one Entity alone or by two or more Entities jointly or in concert.
2. The following are Market Offences—
  a. Insider Dealing;
  b. Unlawful Disclosure; and
  c. Market Manipulation.
3. VARA may, in its sole and absolute discretion, prescribe or otherwise classify any other behaviour as being a Market Offence in addition to those listed in Regulation VIII.A.1 above from time to time and/or for any specified period of time.
4. By way of exception to Regulations VIII.A.1-3 above, any behaviour that has been specified as an Accepted Practice either under any of Regulation VIII.B-H or by VARA specifying such behaviour as an Accepted Practice in its sole and absolute discretion for any specified period of time, shall not amount to a Market Offence.