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A. Complaints Handling Requirements

1. Complaints handling. VASPs shall investigate all complaints promptly and resolve complaints as soon as practicable within a reasonable period of time, in accordance with the following requirements—
  a. VASPs shall acknowledge all complaints within one [1] week of a complaint being made; and
  b. VASPs shall resolve all complaints within four [4] weeks of the complaint being made, except in extraordinary circumstances in which case VASPs must provide the client an update on the status of the complaint, and explain the extraordinary circumstances delaying its resolution, within four [4] weeks of the complaint being made and resolve the complaint no later than eight [8] weeks from when the complaint was made.
2. VASPs shall make available to their clients an easy-to-use template form for filing complaints and provide accessible means, along with clear instructions, on where such complaints can be submitted, however shall not limit customers to only submitting complaints through one channel or in one form in order to be recognised as a complaint.
3. Where the provision of services relating to VA Activities involve any third-party Entities, VASPs shall establish procedures to facilitate the handling of such complaints between their clients and such third-party Entities. VASPs shall remain responsible for the resolution of such complaints.
4. VASPs shall not impose any fees or charges for the submission or handling of any complaints.
5. VASPs shall keep a record of—
  a. all complaints received from their clients;
  b. all measures they have taken in response to complaints; and
  c. the resolution of all complaints.