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C. Provision of Information to VARA

1. Notwithstanding any other requirement elsewhere in the Regulations, Rulebooks or Directives, VASPs shall take all steps, including where applicable provide all notifications, contractual provisions and obtain all consents, that are necessary to enable VARA to have access to any information relating to the VASP’s compliance with this Part II of this Technology and Information Rulebook, regardless of where such information is stored. Access to such information shall be provided by VASPs in the manner and within the timelines communicated by VARA to the VASP.
2. VASPs shall notify VARA as soon as possible and in any event within twenty-four [24] hours following notification by them to either—
  a. any data regulator, including in the UAE; or
  b. a Data Subject
  of any incident affecting, or potentially affecting, Personal Data and shall provide VARA with a summary of such report and, where the relevant data regulator is located in the UAE, a copy of such report, unless and to the extent prohibited by applicable law as demonstrated by the VASP to VARA’s satisfaction.