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B. Staff Competency

1. In addition to all requirements in the Company Rulebook, VASPs providing VA Management and Investment Services shall ensure all of their Staff are knowledgeable, competent and suitably trained given the nature of their role. In assessing Staff competency, VASPs shall consider the following factors at a minimum in the context of the role of the Staff member concerned—
  a. academic, professional and industry qualifications;
  b. experience in the Virtual Assets sector, including but not limited to hands-on working experience acquired through their employment by Entities carrying out activities similar to VA Activities outside of the Emirate;
  c. whether they have a good understanding of the VARA regulatory framework, including but not limited to the Regulations, Rules and Directives governing the provision of VA Management and Investment Services; and
  d. industry standards as may be applicable to the Virtual Assets sector from time to time.