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B. Market Surveillance and Notifications to VARA

1. VASPs providing Exchange Services shall share information for surveillance and disciplinary purposes with VARA, including establishing arrangements that allow the VASP to share information on large exposures in correlated markets.
2. If a VASP suspects potential abuse affecting the market, the following information shall be provided to VARA, as applicable—
  a. details of a participant’s positions, in particular details of any large positions held, including on-exchange, related “over-the-counter” derivatives and physical market positions;
  b. Virtual Asset inventory levels;
  c. delivery mode and forms of service;
  d. action taken to implement position management powers;
  e. changes to position limits;
  f. additional Margin calls; and
  g. other action taken by the VASP.
3. VASPs providing Exchange Services shall ensure that their fee structures are transparent, fair and non-discriminatory and that they do not create incentives to place, modify or cancel orders or to execute transactions in a way that disrupts the fair and orderly functioning of any market involving Virtual Assets.