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B. Implementation and Control

1. VASPs shall regularly, and on an ongoing basis, assess relevant information to ensure that a Virtual Asset that it provides VA Activities in relation to continues to meet its VA Standards.
2. VASPs must maintain all records relevant to such assessments for eight [8] years and provide such records for VARA’s inspection upon request.
3. VASPs shall set conditions under which VA Activities in relation to a Virtual Asset may be suspended, including where a Virtual Asset no longer meets its VA Standards. VASPs shall have and implement all necessary operational procedures and controls in the event such conditions are met.
4. VASPs shall notify VARA as soon as possible after becoming aware that a Virtual Asset no longer meets its VA Standards and shall take such steps as VARA may direct to minimise any adverse impact on clients arising as a result.
5. VARA shall have the right to require the suspension of a VA Activity in respect of any Virtual Asset upon reasonable grounds it deems appropriate.