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  • Part X – Confidentiality

    • A. Duty of Confidentiality

      1. All Entities must keep confidential all information relating to the operations, business or other affairs of VARA, including but not limited to all communication and correspondence with VARA and any investigations, enforcement or other actions by VARA, unless or until—
        a. such information is released into the public domain either by—
          i. VARA; or
          ii. an Entity without being in contravention of this Regulation X.A.1 or any other duty of confidentiality howsoever established; or
        b. VARA has given explicit written consent to the disclosure of such information.
      2. All Entities must ensure that any Entity, including any employees, contractors, service providers or any other individuals howsoever engaged, who has access to such information are subject to the same or stricter obligations of confidentiality as specified in Regulation X.A.1.